Werner Sobek Office, Stuttgart

High quality products and a significant improvement in acoustic and visual comfort – those were the wishes of the Werner Sobek Group for a conference room in the company's own offices in Stuttgart. "The Nimbus Group, experienced in light and acoustics, offered the best solution by far," says Dr. Frank Heinlein, Director Business Communication. The result of the planning is a homogenous ceiling installation featuring white luminaires and white acoustic panels that is both effective and discreet in appearance. An elegant effect has been created by suspending a total of 16 Rossoacoustic PAD Q absorbers from the ceiling. The height of the absorbers can be adjusted without the use of tools. Two Nimbus Modul Q luminaires in the same format act as visual counterparts to the absorbers, blending in seamlessly and harmoniously with the structure.
Werner Sobek is one of the most important contemporary architects. His buildings unite engineering skills and architecture, and represent a responsible approach to resources and the environment. In the year 2000 he created a stir with Residence R128 in Stuttgart. Sobek developed the house as a completely recyclable building that produces no emissions and requires no energy for heating. Today, the group founded by Werner Sobek operates from seven locations around the world and employs 250 people.

Project data

  • Builder: Werner Sobek Group GmbH, Stuttgart
  • Planning: Werner Sobek, Stuttgart
  • Tags: Holding conferences,Working
  • Realisation: 2015
  • Photographer: René Müller