pCon Planner OFML Files

From now on 3D planning data is available for the Rossoacoustic products "Pad", TP30 Silence and Lighting Pad.

The data is in OFML format and can be used for pCon.planner or pCon.box, for example. It enables simple and realistic configuration of the Rossoacoustic systems and the Lighting Pad in a room situation.
Please download the Rossoacoustic data through the installation of pCon.update.

1) Register here for the pCon Planner
2) Download and install the "pCon Planner ME"
3) Log in to your account
4) Select and subscribe to "rossoacoustic" in the manufacturer directory
5) Download and install the "pCon Update Data Client"
6) After the authorization by us, you can install the OFML data into the pCon Planner using the "pCon Update Data Client". The data is then displayed in the Planner under "Products" and can be used.