Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Stuttgart region (IHK Region Stuttgart)

wulf architekten, a firm of architects based in Stuttgart, set itself two major goals when building the new headquarters for the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Stuttgart region (IHK Region Stuttgart): a maximum in emotional well-being and low energy consumption. As light and acoustics play a key role in such considerations, over 800 Nimbus LED luminaires and more than 100 Rossoacoustic panels from the Nimbus Group have been deployed in the 7800-square-meter new building.

It could only happen in Stuttgart: the new IHK headquarters is situated in the middle of the city – just a stone's throw from the railway station – but nevertheless out in the green. The U-shaped new building opens up onto a neighbouring vineyard, which thus becomes a constantly present part of the building. The street side offers a view of the entire Stuttgart basin. Over 800 economical and highly efficient Nimbus LED luminaires have been installed throughout the entire building. They ensure a constant level of brightness all day long because the control system automatically adjusts the lighting depending on the intensity of the ambient light.

In addition to exposed concrete walls and plastered surfaces, it is mainly natural materials that set the scene: shell limestone, sandstone and oak. However, in the open-plan offices it is the 100 or so Nimbus Group Rossoacoustic TP30 Knit panels that really catch the eye. They have a sound-shielding and sound-absorbing effect and together with the acoustic elements on the ceiling they create a quiet, productive working atmosphere. But the Rossoacoustic TP30 Knit panels not only screen off opposite facing workplaces from one another or create meeting zones, they also bring a splash of colour to the working environment: the fabric panels with their integrated acoustic fleece are available in 17 different colours so that almost any wish can be fulfilled. In the last few years, the Nimbus Group has developed Rossoacoustic into a flexible modular system. Innovative connectors from the Team series enable you to combine our colourful Rossoacoustic TP30 Knit panels with our translucent Rossoacoustic CP30 panels. That is exactly what the IHK Region Stuttgart has done in the zoned conference areas in its open-plan offices. The panels can be moved around to suit changing requirements whenever the need arises. Thanks to the new connectors, the featherweight panels can be rearranged into any conceivable constellation without the use of tools.

Project data

  • Builder: Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Stuttgart region (IHK Region Stuttgart)
  • Planning: wulf architekten, Stuttgart
  • Tags: Empfangen,Arbeiten,Versammeln,Erschliessen
  • Realisation: 2014
  • Photographer: Brigida González