TeamViewer Headquarter, Göppingen

The TeamViewer software enterprise has opened up its new headquarters in the heart Göppingen. An open space concept was realized for around 350 employees in an area covering 5,500 square metres. However, the acoustic conditions in the post-modern building from the 1990s had to be significantly improved. The architects developed a work landscape on two levels, a modern open space office with team zones and meeting points. Fabric covered, colourful rossoacoustic elements give structure to the work zones, allow freedom of communication or offer visual screening. The users are thrilled: "The acoustics in our rooms are now very good. The different colours of the elements make the various areas easily identifiable while providing acoustic and visual separation. The translucent elements create a very pleasant working environment in areas with no direct sunlight." Conference rooms such as Living Room or New York were given characteristic designs as part of the building conversion. As the architects stress: "The new quality of the workplace is designed to make employees more creative and communicative. They should exchange ideas with one another and feel at ease at their workplace."

Project data

  • Builder: TeamViewer GmbH
  • Planning: MEHR* - Atelier für Architektur, Stadtplanung und Research, Kirchheim unter Teck
  • Tags: Working,Holding conferences,communication zones
  • Realisation: 2014
  • Photographer: Jens Küsters, Munich; Janis Rozkalns, Stuttgart (3,9,15)