Gothaer Versicherungen insurance company Cologne

When a lot of people have to telephone in one room, the acoustic conditions are critical to the users' sense of well-being and their ability to work effectively. At the same time, acoustic measures have an enormous impact on room planning and the visual impression. That is why the Rossoacoustic CP30 and Rossoacoustic TP30 room-partitioning systems have been installed at Gothaer Versicherungen's refurbished call centre in Cologne. The centre's four floors of working space have now been condensed into three. A thorough analysis of the acoustic conditions was carried out before planning work got underway. The aim was to reduce speech intelligibility and achieve a high level of sound absorption. In the end OCC Office Center Competence GmbH and the planning experts from Rosso deployed over 300 CP30 panels and almost 100 TP30 elements in various formats and finishes in the elongated, open floor space covering almost 700 square metres. Most of the panels used were transparent or translucent CP30 membrane bodies. These allow daylight to flood into the rooms and enable employees to maintain eye contact. Rossoacoustic TP30 elements in various shades of apple green set fresh visual highlights. As Carsten Tasche from OCC Office Center Competence GmbH enthused: "For many years now, Rosso has been the only partner for us when it comes to deploying transparent acoustic systems."

Project data

  • Builder: Gothaer Kunden-Service-Center GKC GmbH
  • Planning: OCC Office Competence Center GmbH, Lünen
  • Tags: Working
  • Realisation: 2016
  • Photographer: Guido Erbring