Metrohm AG, Herisau (CH)

Metrohm AG is a globally active manufacturer of high-precision instruments for chemical analysis. It is located in the Swiss town of Herisau, and in the last few years has experienced rapid growth. Although only completed in 2011, the company's new headquarters have therefore had to be expanded. The result is a dynamic and transparent office environment covering a floor space of 1190 square metres. Today eight to ten project workplaces and around 40 standard workplaces are accommodated in each of the six project zones. The rooms also allow flexible working: employees are free to choose the place at which they wish to work. Documents are therefore stored in lockable cabinets arranged on the outside. At the same time, the height-adjustable desks can be set to individual working positions. To ensure the critical, universally pleasant and uniform room lighting and acoustics, the client opted for Rossoacoustic PAD Q elements combined with Modul Q luminaires from Nimbus. "The products are the best to combine the themes of light and acoustics. They have a formal idiom," explains Sebastian Godenzi, the project manager for office design at Total Office Management AG. In addition to the standard workplaces, there are also small zones for holding informal meetings. If the subject is confidential or if an employee would like to be undisturbed, room-in-room elements with glass doors and curtains are the perfect place to retreat. Another highlight is the so-called "Arena": a standing table, colourful seating cubes and terraced seating promote a casual and creative working atmosphere.

Project data

  • Builder: Metrohm International, Herisau (CH)
  • Planning: Interior Design, Light Planning: Total Office Management AG, Degersheim (CH); Architecture: Clemes Seifert, Zürich (CH)
  • Tags: Working
  • Realisation: 2016
  • Photographer: Total Office Management AG, Degersheim (CH)