RAL, Bonn

The labelling expert RAL regards itself as a reliable adviser and guide for consumers. Besides its Colours division, the company is also divided into the business units Quality Marks, Environment, Logo Licence and Academy. An ultra-modern, energy-efficient office building has been constructed at the company's new site in Bonn. The team of architects from Bene in Cologne brought their influence to bear on the design of major parts of the ground floor and the foyer. As Andreas Pätzold, who managed the project, explained: "In the foyer, which is used for a wide range of events, large-scale, round Nimbus Modul R luminaires trace the slightly radial form of the entrance hall at regular intervals, forming a layer of light in the reception area, which measures over four metres in height." He added: "The acoustic modules required to reduce the reverberation time come from the Rossoacoustic PAD system. In a variety of shapes and at different heights, they playfully surround the luminaires, which they match in terms of form." Thanks to the lively interplay of light and shape on the ceiling as well as the use of colourful furniture and fittings, the designers have succeeded in loosening up the rooms' strict appearance – both visitors and staff experience an immediate sense of well-being at RAL.

Project data

  • Builder: RAL gemeinnützige GmbH, Bonn
  • Planning: Architecture: Piotrowski Architekten, Bonn; Interior Design: Bene GmbH, Köln
  • Tags: Receiving Visitors,Providing Access
  • Realisation: 2017
  • Photographer: Uwe Spoering, Köln