Paneuropa Transport GmbH, Bakum

Sustainability and environmental-friendliness: these are the aims that Paneuropa Transport GmbH has set itself. It was with these goals in mind that POPO, a firm of furnishing specialists from Bremen, fitted out the logistics company's new corporate headquarters in Bakum, Lower Saxony and created an office and workplace atmosphere based on the needs of the company and its employees. The framework is provided by a three-storey building with all-round, storey-high glazing that affords a view reaching far into the surrounding area. In contrast to the compartmentalised office structure in which the staff previously worked, the new location features generous spaces that serve as group offices; there are kitchenettes on all floors, lounges, a canteen with an outdoor area and sofas that can be pushed together to form meeting areas. POPO decided to give a second, both functional and aesthetic level to the exposed concrete ceilings: Rosso room acoustics elements and Nimbus luminaires has been suspended from the ceiling to form a gentle, transparent structure. Ceiling absorbers from the Rossoacoustic Pad system in combination with the matching Modul Q Project luminaires have been used in the work spaces. If required, employees can also use Roxxane Office table luminaires from Nimbus at their desks. Round Nimbus Modul R Project suspended luminaires, some of them coloured, and Rossoacoustic PAD R absorbers create a cheerful atmosphere in the canteen. The result of POPO's planning is not only a contemporary look. Thanks in part to appropriate room acoustics measures and pleasant lighting conditions, employees now enjoy more open cooperation with one another.

Project data

  • Builder: Paneuropa Transport GmbH, Bakum
  • Planning: Interior: POPO Sitzmöbel und Stehschränke GmbH, Bremen
  • Tags: Bistro,Working,Holding Conferences,Providing Access,Communication Zones
  • Realisation: 2018
  • Photographer: Thilo Müller Photodesign (1,2,4,6,7); USM U. Schärer Söhne AG (3,5)