k15t, Stuttgart

Over 1500 workers once produced clothing in the factory buildings in the Kübler Areal in Stuttgart. The historic buildings in the east of the city have now been given a new lease of life: numerous creative businesses as well as artists and cultural organisations have moved into the complex. One of them is k15t, an up-and-coming firm of software developers. In the mori firm of interior architects from Stuttgart, the enterprise found the perfect partner to take an entire floor of a former factory measuring 500 square metres and adapt it to the company's needs. "We brought this cool factory space back to life and transformed it into an open-space office that caters for all aspects of modern workflows," says Claudia Wald, the proprietor of mori and a passionate interior architect. Room acoustics systems on the ceiling and walls enable staff to concentrate in a quiet, efficient working atmosphere in the expansive rooms. The planners opted for Rossoacoustic products on the grounds of their convincing aesthetic qualities and functionality: the form and arrangement of colourful Rossoacoustic PADs in a variety of sizes lend the ceilings of the working areas plasticity and freshness. Elements from the Rossoacoustic CP 30 system partition off corridors and meeting zones from the open working zones with a certain lightness yet with a high degree of acoustic effectiveness. Claudia Wald's design combines perfectly versatile, dynamic working areas with opportunities for staff to withdraw and relax. The unifying element in all of this is that all rooms have their own bright, vibrant and cheerful atmosphere.

Project data

  • Builder: K15t Software GmbH, Stuttgart
  • Planning: Interior Design: Mori, Claudia Wald, Stuttgart
  • Tags: Working,Holding Conferences
  • Realisation: 2019
  • Photographer: Nikolaus Grünwald, Gerlingen