IBG B. Graf AG Engineering, St. Gallen (CH)

IBG B. Graf AG Engineering, a leading engineering office, specialising among other things in energy and building technology, opted for LED luminaires and Rossoacoustic solutions from the Nimbus Group with its two brands Nimbus (lighting) and Rosso (acoustics). It was the visual and functional compatibility of the two product ranges that really convinced those in charge. In the assessment of Jürgen Staud of RLC Architekten AG, the building concept of the straightforward "New East Building" stands out due to the balance between proportions, materials, utility and economy. Despite the abundance of daylight, economical LED luminaires were required, especially for the communal and circulation zones. Furthermore, effective acoustics solution were needed to compensate for the hard surfaces. The Nimbus and Rosso products used in the project "conform to the architectural functionality while also displaying a design impulse that does the building good" says the architect Jürgen Staud. The exposed concrete ceiling is brought to life by the square Modul Q Project suspended LED luminaires and Rossoacoustic PADs of the same shape. Suspended at varying heights, green PADs alternate with white and are interspersed by the extremely slim suspended LED luminaires – a playful contrast to the largely "cool" work zones. Other Rossoacoustic systems have also been deployed at IBG, where they support the versatility of utilisation intended by the architects: the semi-transparent CP30 system panels afford the individual workplaces more privacy while allowing spontaneous changes to a room's layout thanks to their low weight. Although just as lightweight, the TP30 Wool acoustic panels have been fixed in position and form practical cubicles for accommodating coats, photocopiers and stationery. The convincing solution in the new building seems to have had a contagious effect: the client decided to completely rejuvenate one corridor in the main building from the 1970s and also had it fitted out with Modul Q luminaires and acoustic PADs. The result is a lighter, more friendly and, in terms of acoustics, much more pleasant working atmosphere. The cafeteria is housed in the structure linking the two buildings. Eighteen PADs were also installed on the ceiling here to enhance the room's acoustics.

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Project data

  • Builder: IBG B. Graf AG Engineering, St. Gallen
  • Planning: RLC Architekten AG, Rheineck/Winterthur (architecture), Wälli AG Ingenieure, St. Gallen (structural engineer), Gerevini Ingenieurbüro AG, St. Gallen (building physics, acoustic planning), Linexa Anstalt, Vaduz (light planning)
  • Tags: Arbeiten,Empfangen,Konferieren
  • Realisation: 2016
  • Photographer: Jean-Luc Grossmann/photopulse