"Die Diekers" spectacle shop, Oldenburg

"Both the lighting effect and the design exceeded our expectations." Stefan Dieker, proprietor of "Die Diekers" spectacle shop in downtown Oldenburg is full of enthusiasm for the quality of the Nimbus luminaires. His business premises were redesigned according to plans drawn up by Walther Schumacher GmbH. The client wanted his shop to retain its identity but also wished for modern LEDs throughout that he can control using a smartphone or tablet. Suspended Nimbus luminaires now highlight the combination of new and existing features. Characterized by their lightweight, clear-cut design, they hover above the exhibits together with matching acoustically effective Rossoacoustic Pads. They lend the ceiling a spatial quality all of its own without detracting from the spectacles’ strong presence. "An exciting atmosphere has been created by the interaction of the clear-cut luminaires and the listed facade, which is especially noticeable in the evening hours," say Kerstin Rost, who was in charge of planning.

Project data

  • Builder: Eva und Stefan Dieker
  • Planning: Walther Schumacher GmbH, Oldenburg (interior design) / Harders Lichtideen, Bad Zwischenahn, Ofen (electric installation)
  • Tags: Showroom,Shop,Working,Receiving Visitors,Providing Access,Presenting
  • Realisation: 2016
  • Photographer: Jörg Felix Wenzel