Mounting fittings

Mounting fittings for desk panel

The mounting fittings, which are available in two versions Ping Pong and Clip, can be fitted quickly and without tools. The two fastening systems can be combined with each other, depending on the application. It is possible to choose between two different surface finishes for the desk fasteners: polished or anodised aluminium. The consistently minimalistic design and the high-quality materials allow them to be combined with numerous modern furniture ranges.

Ping Pong

The Ping Pong mounting fitting is simply hung between two work tables without being
fixed in position. This makes it suitable for any
type of table with a straight edge table top.
It can be positioned horizontally or vertically to the table, which means it can serve a
two-man workplace or workbench



Using the Clip mounting fitting, Rossoacoustic CP30 Desk Panels can be attached to individual tables. Clip is clamped onto the table without the use of tools. The clip holds the CP30 membrane body in position. The Clip position can be varied to take into account table legs or table superstructures.

vertical application
vertical application
horizontal application
horizontal application

You will find a lot of further information, also the orderinformation, in the actual Rossoacoustic catalogue. The Rossoacoustic catalogue, further Rosso brochures as well as data sheets, instructions and 3-D planning data which is also available as a download in our service area.