Ceiling element

Ceiling element for Ceiling Panel

In contrast to ceiling elements known so far, the Rossoacoustic CP30 Ceiling Panel captivates with its lightness and transparency/translucency. To attach the Rossoacoustic CP30 Ceiling Panels you have the choice of the Grip suspension element for vertical suspension or the Stitch suspension element for horizontal suspension.The Grip and Stitch suspension elements are available in anodised or polished aluminium; Grip also comes in a transparent acrylic version.
The Stitch and Grip suspension elements make it possible to use the Rossoacoustic CP30 membrane body as a ceiling panel directly above the workstation for effective acoustic attenuation.


You will find a lot of further information, also the orderinformation, in the actual Rossoacoustic catalogue. The Rossoacoustic catalogue, further Rosso brochures as well as data sheets, instructions and 3-D planning data which is also available as a download in our service area.