Light meets acoustics: the new Lighting Pad

Light meets acoustics: the new Lighting Pad

Surprisingly different. The new Lighting Pad immerses defined areas in rooms in high-quality atmospheric light, whereby the source of the light remains almost invisible. Only close up do the small high-performance LEDs integrated in the pad become visible.

But the new luminaire developed by the Nimbus Group does more than just generate accentuating light that can be used in wide variety of ways and create atmospheric light islands. The minimalistic Lighting Pad also solves another central problem of modern interior architecture, which often utilises hard, sound-reflective surfaces made of glass or concrete; the Lighting Pad has a haptically pleasing fleece surface that is simultaneously an extremely efficient sound absorber. At the same time, the material, which is available in different colours, supports the creation of a warm and cosy atmosphere in rooms.

Thanks to the new Lighting Pad, the planner now has an easy response to different requirements specified for rooms, in that different pad sizes, shapes and colours are available. Moreover, the Lighting Pad can be perfectly combined with the sound absorbers of the filigree Rossoacoustic Pad product family or the Nimbus Modul Q/R Project LED luminaires. The two product ranges are available with identical dimensions. The Lighting Pad combines two areas of competence of the Nimbus Group – i. e. the two architectural brands, Nimbus (light solutions) and Rossoacoustic (room acoustics) – in a single product: light meets acoustics.

The Lighting Pad has the same acoustic properties as the Rossoacoustic Pads, which have received multiple design awards, and can be combined with them perfectly. The new Lighting Pad uses special lenses (developed by Bartenbach) in combination with highly efficient Nimbus LEDs.

More information about the new Lighting Pad you will find in our brochure. If you require personal consultation please ask us personally. You will find all your important contacts on our Contact page.

The Lighting Pad is already nominated for the German Design Award 2018, the renowned design award presented by the German Design Council.

  • You want to know more about our title character Fabian Petri? When the new product was first introduced, Fabian Petri – a Tyrolean original and Nimbus Sales Austria – found his purpose in the light of the Lighting Pad. Since then, he has been unswervingly convincing architects, interior designers and specialist planners of the outstanding qualities of this symbiosis of light and acoustics. His colleagues are following in his footsteps – but without the leather trousers.