Orthopaedic Practice, Aachen (GER)

An orthopaedic specialist equips his new practice entirely with LED luminaires and translucent Rossoacoustic CP30 room dividers (Nimbus Group) – and sees the light.

Our client decided in favour of a lighting concept with LEDs, as he was convinced by their clear, puristic form, by the numerous possibilities offered in terms of deployment and design as well as by the quality of the Nimbus luminaires. Then of course, there is also the saving potential inherent in their high efficiency and long lifetime. Square Mike Tango recessed luminaires were used on the ceilings together with "Q-Modules" consisting of 36, 64, 144 and 400 LEDs in both the recessed and surface-mounted varieties; the larger formats were installed as suspended elements over the reception desk. The artwork on the walls is a prominent feature of the practice: as the doctor spends a great deal of time in his workplace, he likes to be surrounded by things of beauty. Art requires light and the Spirito Santo surface-mounted wall luminaire with its swivelling light element can provide just the kind of variable and indirect lighting that is needed. Engineer and lighting planner Kurt Schleip is thrilled by the effect created by the luminaires: "The combination in the rooms is great: futuristic, very colourful pictures, the white walls and the hardly visible lighting elements whose light just seems to shine out of the ceiling or wall."

When patients enter the practice, the knee-high "Zen On" wall luminaires guide them through the rooms. They show the way from the entrance to the reception desk and from there to the waiting area and on to the treatment rooms.

Project data

  • Tags: Providing access (coridors, stairs, etc), receiving visitors, working, exhibiting
  • Realisation: 2009
  • Photographer: Sabine Vielmo