M-Lab, Bremen

An "expansive location at which thought can freely choose its own direction" – that is how the monsun media agency describes M-LAB, its new work loft in Bremen. It is a place where creativity is given free rein; workshops, meetings and presentations with teams and customers are held at the premises. Speicher I is a listed building in Bremen-Walle. In the middle of the 2000s it was converted for use as an office and commercial loft, whereby POPO, a furniture specialist based in Bremen, developed a space concept for 400 square metres of floor space. In their concept they took great care to maintain the premises' industrial charm. The old wooden floorboards have been retained; light-looking, Scandinavian-style furniture forms a harmonious combination with strong black-and-white contrasts and orange and rust-coloured highlights. Some areas are partitioned off using only individual, elegant glass elements. The Rossoacoustic PADs Q in grey dawn fitted in particularly well with this airy concept: discreet in both colour and design, they leave a clear view of the bare industrial ceiling while meeting top standards in term of pleasant room acoustics. As the generously sized rooms with their many smooth surfaces are used for communicate purposes, the deployment of a total of 56 PADs played a key role in ensuring the success of the overall planning.

Project data

  • Builder: M-Lab, Bremen
  • Planning: Interior Design, Light Planning: POPO GmbH, Bremen
  • Tags: Working,Holding Conferences,Communication Zones,Receiving Visitors
  • Realisation: 2019
  • Photographer: Popo Sitzmöbel und Stehschränke GmbH / Patrick Drescher