Landratsamt Tübingen

Vehicle registrations, disaster management and public health services – a Landratsamt (administrative district office) has a diverse range of tasks. In Tübingen, a large number of new employees had to be hired in a short time over the last few years. This led the district authority to commission the Stuttgart firm of architects Auer Weber – who had also designed the existing building – to plan the construction of an additional office building. The block features a vividly rhythmic facade and contains 58 offices for around 120 employees as well as a meeting chamber and three conference rooms. Nimbus Lighting Pads add fresh, colourful highlights to the conference rooms: their shades of Soft Moss, Vineyard and Nightfall seem to reflect the colours of the surrounding meadows. Auer Weber were very open to this innovative and unusual idea and accompanied the development of the Lighting Pad. The architects were particularly captivated by its functionality as a "lighting and acoustics solution in a single product". The aesthetic sound absorbers meet the demands of Absorption Class A – the top category – and also form atmospheric islands of light above the conference tables, thus playing an important role in creating a positive atmosphere for effective dialogue in the new administration building.

Project data

  • Builder: Landkreis Tübingen
  • Planning: Auer Weber Assoziierte, Architekten BDA, Stuttgart
  • Tags: Working,Holding Conferences
  • Realisation: 2018
  • Photographer: Roland Halbe