Combinat 56

Ackermannbogen is Munich’s new showpiece district for sustainable building, and Combinat 56, the alternative workplace for freelancers and solo entrepreneurs, is situated right in the middle of it. Taking its inspiration from the combines found in socialist states, it is an open-space office in which desks are used flexibly for hours, days or months at a time. Nimbus LED luminaires supply the light for this creative gathering.

Direct and indirect lighting – for efficient co-working. The Nimbus Group came up with a sophisticated lighting concept to realize these demands for the 210 square metres of office space. The corridors and the generous open-space area are lit by ceiling-mounted Module Q 64 LED luminaires. A floor-standing Office Air LED makes sure each workplace is ideally lit and supports efficiency. Direct and indirect light are strictly separated in this luminaire.

Project data

  • Builder: Combinat 56 GmbH, München
  • Tags: Providing access (coridors, stairs, etc), receiving visitors, holding conferences, working, meeting
  • Realisation: 2010
  • Photographer: Jens Küsters (1-6), Tobias Schuhmacher (7,8)