State Employment Agency In Essen

Rossoacoustic CP30 used in the State Employment Agency in Essen

The object of the exercise was to create an attractive environment for both clients and employees. The translucent and light Rossoacoustic CP30 System was selected not only to provide optical and acoustic screening between the 65 or so employees but also to "instil greater quality" in the office landscape, as Oliver Rahn, Infrastructure Manager at the State Employment Agency in Essen, put it. The Rossoacoustic CP 30 System was used for 2 different applications: on the one hand, as a Space Divider and Desk Panel between workplaces and, on the other hand, as a special construction on the wall stretched between the floor and the ceiling.

Project data

  • Builder: State Employment Agency Essen
  • Planning: Lindner Lohse Architects BDA, Dortmund
  • Tags: working
  • Realisation: 2009
  • Photographer: