+49 Med, Berlin

In its capacity as a so-called "dialogue factory", +49 med gives support to health insurance companies and enterprises in the fields of pharmaceuticals, biotech and medical engineering. It is a service provider that helps companies in their communication with their target groups and also offers new sales channels. The company's new offices in Berlin's main railway station are characterised by a modern formal idiom with a futuristic touch and bold colour accents: grey and white underscore the open, roomy atmosphere while fresh magenta and luscious violet contrast with their austerity and inject a desired note of friendliness. Generously dimensioned groups of workplaces allow employees to communicate directly with one another – while also allowing each individual to work in peace and quiet on his or her own. This balancing act between communication and withdrawal within an open-plan office is supported by the Rossoacoustic CP 30 system installed at the cockpit-like workplaces: thanks to the translucence of the half-height elements between the workplaces and their sound-absorbing and sound-shielding properties, the employees have acoustically comfortable workplaces that retain their generous sense of space.

Project data

  • Builder: +49 med, Berlin
  • Planning: Institut für Raumfreiheit, Mannheim und planmöbel. GmbH + Co. KG, Espelkamp
  • Tags: working, holding conferences
  • Realisation: 2012
  • Photographer: David Paprocki