New: Rossoacoustic TP30 Silence


In addition to balanced room acoustics without distracting background noise, the visual perception of our surroundings is a further critical factor affecting our sense of well-being at the workplace.

The colourful, acoustically effective Rossoacoustic TP30 Silence panel creates a room partitioning system that provides the best conditions for focused and communicative working.

Acoustic effect

With its sound-absorbing and sound-shielding properties, Rossoacoustic TP30 Silence covers two functions in terms of room acoustics: on the one hand it works as an absorber to dampen sound in rooms by reducing the reverberation time. On the other hand, Rossoacoustic TP30 Silence works as a sound shield by reducing the distribution of direct sound in the frequency range relevant to speech.


Soft shell, new core

The sound-absorbing honeycomb core has been completely modified and covered with a newly developed Rossoacoustic fleece. This combination ensures tremendous stability and the unmatched low weight of the TP30 panel. It is therefore easy to change the panels around – and consequently to alter the room structure without difficulty, create different zones with a high degree of flexibility and quickly partition spaces off whenever the need arises.


New colours

Inspired by nature, six new, fresh shades have been added to the Rossoacoustic TP30 Silence palette. In terms of colour scheme, the panels can now be perfectly combined with Rossoacoustic Pads ceiling elements or the transparent and translucent CP30 panels.


New formats

From now on TP30 Silence is available in four formats:



With Rossoacoustic TP30 KNIT, the innovative CAD-controlled knitting process provides a unique opportunity for individualisation and the realisation of customised solutions. Taking specific manufacturing requirements into account, coloured areas and individual patterns can be knitted into the fabric covers. Without this knitting process, it would be impossible to realise multiple combinations of colours, patterns and textures on a single Rossoacoustic panel.