The tray with elastic band keeps workplaces tidy and can be used to store office material such as pens, a hole punch, stapler, rolls of adhesive tape and the like. The elastic band provided can be used to hold pens or postcards and photos in place. The storage tray can also be used for envelopes or as a place to set up a tablet PC. The felt lining provides damping and also helps protect the items you place on the tray. The Rossoacoustic CP30 and TP30 panels are light and delicate. To prevent damage to the panels, please refrain from overloading the storage tray.


You will find a lot of further information, also the orderinformation, in the actual Rossoacoustic catalogue. The Rossoacoustic catalogue, further Rosso brochures as well as data sheets, instructions and 3-D planning data which is also available as a download in our service area.