Communication Rossoacoustic Pads

In Rossoacoustic Pads, we are offering planners and users an extraordinary and highly effective acoustic tool. The extremely dense front fleece of the Rossoacoustic Pads is a mere 10 mm thick. Due to their low weight, they can easily be fastened in the thin ceiling covering of complex concrete ceilings.

Selected material is available here to give you the best possible support for your communication activities for the Rossoacoustic Pads:


Product and application images for Rossoacoustic Pads. The images are available for download HERE.


Press release

The press release with exciting background information on the product is available for download HERE. You are welcome to use the text for your communication and to publish the press release in the News section of your website.



The brochure contains comprehensive information as well as product and application photos featuring our Rossoacoustic Pads. Simply send an e-mail to your contact in our HQ sales department to order free brochures for your display and for your customers.