Bedtime story for children and parents

Bedtime story for children and parents

The Nimbus Group has published another picture book. It is called "Ruhe im Wald!" ("Silence in the forest!"). The book is illustrated with ink drawings and potato prints and, in it, author Frank Ockert tells the story of the Little Bird who wants to have a nap on his favourite branch. But the other animals in the forest make a lot of noise and show no consideration. The clever fox advises the Little Bird to put his head under his wing. Then, by chance, it begins to snow and the blanket of white absorbs all the noise.

It is not only children who can understand the trials of the Little Bird: employees who share an open-plan office with their colleagues can also identify with his situation. But they don't have to wait for snow and grow wings to protect themselves from noise; they can rely on lightweight panels from Rossoacoustic to help them. The panels provide not only visual but also acoustic shielding – and are as individual as their users. Using a new type of panel connector, they can be adapted to fit any situation, and changing them around is child's play. Being are available in 34 different colours and textures, there are panels to suit every taste.

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