An even brighter future ahead with Nimbus

An even brighter future ahead with Nimbus

Strategic takeover – Häfele rounds off its expertise in the lighting field

Häfele, a family enterprise based in Nagold with business operations all around the world, has added to its expertise and product range in the "Lighting" field with the strategic acquisition of Nimbus, a firm of lighting specialists from Stuttgart. Häfele is set to acquire one-hundred-percent ownership of the owner-run company. Dietrich Brennenstuhl, the firm's proprietor and founder, will remain as the company's CEO at its present location in Stuttgart. He will continue to produce innovations and to develop and design the company's product portfolio.

The takeover represents an organic expansion of each firm's area of expertise, while also creating important synergies in development and sales. Häfele CEO Sibylle Thierer regards the takeover of Nimbus as an important strategic development because it adds a new chapter to the success story the company has enjoyed with its "lighting in furniture".

Sibylle Thierer: “Since 2011 we've been a trendsetter and industry leader with our Loox LED lighting system for furniture. In the future we will be offering our partners all over the world a holistic answer to all questions relating to the subject of light, from light in furniture to room lighting with sophisticated design. The architectural brand Nimbus meets our requirements to a tee and significantly augments our expertise in design and development. The takeover will open up many opportunities for both our company and Nimbus to break into new markets."

Dietrich Brennenstuhl also has a positive attitude to the takeover of the Nimbus Group, which he founded and managed for over 30 years: “I personally see this development as an outstanding opportunity and an important step towards the future. In Häfele we are not only gaining a strong and reliable partner for the ongoing development of our two areas of expertise: light and acoustics. Above all, we will have the ideal basis to give free rein to our innovative strength, our design idiom and our visions – the hallmarks which have come to define Nimbus."

Häfele is one of the leading companies in the field of furniture fittings and architectural hardware. The company has established itself as one of the world's most prominent and fastest growing suppliers of innovative LED lighting solutions for furniture, while Nimbus is a LED pioneer. It was as long ago as 2006 at the Light & Building trade fair when the company presented the first family of LED luminaires ready to enter series production. Since that time they have continued to confirm their role as a trailblazer in the field of LED lighting with many more innovative, in-house developments. These included cableless and networked solutions as well as clever combinations of light and room acoustics. Häfele is confident that this creative potential will contribute additional input to the development of products and systems for the market of the future.

Together, the two companies can now respond with a holistic portfolio to the key developments and trends in the field of home interiors. Just as rooms as we know them are disappearing and being transformed into versatile living zones, room and furniture lighting are merging into one harmonious, centrally planned and controlled overall atmosphere. Häfele and Nimbus will now join forces to create significant added value for their customers with intelligent networking concepts.

In the project business, this pooling of expertise will allow Häfele to expand its 360° approach, which can be tailored to the needs of each individual customer: from lighting and acoustic design, bespoke fittings concepts, electronic locking systems and networking with smart home systems through to ensuring supply chain continuity throughout the world. At the same time, joining Häfele's international sales and logistics network will open up new markets for the Nimbus brand across the globe.