Gute Verbindungen

Stylepark is one of the best-known Internet platforms for architecture and design, so it comes as no surprise that the company placed great store by good design for the extension of its company headquarters in Frankfurt. The building, which was designed by the NKBAK architectural office from Frankfurt and has been nominated for the 2020 DAM award, is an excellent example of successful infill development in downtown Frankfurt. Nimbus belongs the circle of renowned manufacturers with whom Stylepark collaborates in the field of interior fit-outs.

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Refreshingly open

There can be no doubting the change when the workplace is transformed from a compartmentalised office structure to an open, light-flooded and generous space. The staff at the logistics firm Paneuropa first had to get used to their new working environment – but it didn't take them long, not least of all thanks to the optimised acoustics and lighting that came with the deployment of Rosso and Nimbus products.

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